360° Project Development

How We Work

CWC Biofuels work as a holistic and iterative project developer to cover all 360 degree of the project developing phase. This goes from the broad cooperation with important stakeholders in the planning phase to the distribution of our products in the end-use. We have established a close relationship with our technical partners which employs the best available technology to process biomass in the most efficient way, which include the utilization of all by-products.

In order to make our biorefineries a win-win proposition for all stakeholders, we include local authorities, industries, investors and infrastructure from early on in the process. This close relationship with suppliers and off-takers allows us to increase production at every point of the value chain and thereby avoiding bottlenecks.

As we are not a technology company we rely on a strong technology partner with a commercial track record,a strong financial performance and balance sheet as well as strong focus on further development of their technology