About Us

CWC Biofuels is a project development company focusing on large-scale commercially-proven 2nd generation biofuel production. We develop and build biorefineries which will transform non-edible, cellulosic feedstock and/or wood into green oil without competing with food production.

Our aim since 2011 has been to fund and establish a full-scale pyrolysis bio-oil production in Denmark based on wheat straw. Thereby we combine the utilization of a highly available feedstock with the introduction of a commercial-proven green energy conversion technology in the green state of Denmark.

To do this we apply an 360° project development approach which is permeated throughout the whole value chain from Farmer to Fuel. By doing this we constitute the sustainability of our projects.




Dan Riise CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Per Regnarsson COB
Chairman Of the Board


James Thadchanamoorthy
Chief Financial Officer
Esben Mortensen
Head of environment and sustainability