Farmer 2 Fuel

Eventhough Denmark has a long tradition to endeavour the utilization of straw from grain production there is still a vast amount of straw which is not utilized to a valuable field of application. Thus, according to Danish Statistics, 2,6 million tonnes of straw are not utilized for fodder, bedding or for energy production. CWC biofuels first plant will be focussed on the utiliziation of this huge surplus of straw from Danish farmers.

For this purpose we have chosen a robust technology provider which can deliver the necessary garantees on the straw conversion. Our further project approach in establishing a biofuel plant based on straw is best described as Farm to Fuel, or F2F, as we work active on the entire value chain from Farm to Fuel (F2F) and considers all other valuable products that can be extracted from our biomass. Biomass is a limited resource and we must use it in the best possible way.

We continuously fine-tune our approach to biofuel plant development with inputs from different stakeholders. This flexible process allows us to create solutions that benefit all participants in the value chain.

Development of biofuel plants entails bridging agriculture with global energy markets through the use of cutting edge technology in a highly regulated market. Biomass conversion is a capital- and expertise-intensive venture which CWC Biofuels takes on with sound technology, financing and value chain management.