CWC Biofuels have been undertaking a rigorous technology selection process and will revise this in the initial project activities whenever new project sites are taken into consideration. We hold active discussions with a diverse group of relevant global technology providers and technology advisors.

As we are not a technology company we rely on strong technology partners with commercial track record, strong financial performance and balance sheet as well as strong focus on further development of their technology.

Our first plant to convert straw into 2nd generation pyrolysis bio-oil will be based on Envergent Technologies RTP pyrolysis technology. Their technology has been commercialised since the 1980’s to convert wood residues into partly a high-value-added product such as smoke taste additive for the food industry or natural resin for the wood industry and party to produce a renewable heating oil (RHO) for energy purposes.

General speaking straw and wood, are equal in chemical composition and physical property as they both exist mainly of a cellulose matrix. The small variation between these two feedstock’s are more or less indifferent for the pyrolysis conversion which depolymerise the cellulose matrix into a variety of smaller oil like molecules.